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"Finding Harmony in the Economics of Divorce"

For Divorcing Individuals 

Every divorce is unique.  Family Wealth Planning Partners believes the key to a successful financial future can be found in knowing both the short-term and long-term impact of various scenarios.  The first step is to have a complete understanding your particular cash flows and spending patterns.  Then identify and distinguish between the various assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage. By analyzing this information and using it as a starting basis we can develop a customized, feasible divorce financial plan for your future.  Once we have the basics, that data can be used to forecast or project your future income and expenses.  We strive to offer our clients a powerful resource leading to equitable success and security.  Below is a list of services we offer our clients.
  • Financial Education
  • Data Gathering and Organization
  • Budget Preparation
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Net Worth Statements and Projections
  • Asset Disclosure Statement (Financial Affidavit) Preparation
  • Settlement Analysis
  • Expert Testimony (Deposition and Trial)

For Attorneys

As a member of the "divorce team" Family Wealth Planning Partners will allow you to stay in control of the case and focus on the legal aspect of divorce.  There are several roles we can play to support you and your client.  Negotiations tend to go more smoothly and animosity may be reduced between the divorcing spouses by helping them come to terms with their financial situation and develop realistic expectations.  We can provide:

  • Lifestyle Analysis (accurate history of expenses)
  • Examination of Projected Needs (budget forecasting and immediate cash flow needs)
  • Net Worth Statement Preparation
  • Review and Analyze Corporate Benefits, Retirement Plans and Deferred Compensation
  • Life Insurance Securitization Calculations
  • Litigation Support/Expert Testimony

For Mediators and Collaborative Divorce Professionals

Whether in mediation or the collaborative divorce process, Family Wealth Planning Partners can assist you to keep the negotiations on a more level playing field.  We act as a financial neutral, working with both parties to understand their finances, as well as the results of various settlement scenarios.  Financial knowledge and analysis helps the divorcing couple arrive at a fair and equitable resolution in a more timely manner.